A Guide on How to Study

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A Guide on How to Study

With all the improvements of technology, many of the students today have been exposed to countless choices of things from food to lifestyle. A type of gadget can have multiple brands to choose from. Anyone can choose their own hairstyle over the Internet. You can choose different entertainment channels. Everything today can give you myriad of choices which makes it impossible to choose correctly. Despite all these, some things never change. One of these is the way we SHOULD study.
I've read from how-to-study.com, about their guide questions on studying, which can be answerable by yes or no. If you answer yes to all of them, then you can be assured that you are in a correct place to study. I've made modifications to the explanations of each question to make it more appropriate for today's situation. Here are the questions:

11 year old girl gang-raped at Monteverde Street, Davao City

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This is the worst news that I've heard about crimes involving minors. An 11 year old girl (orphan) was raped at a vacant lot at Monteverde Street, Davao City. She was stabbed and left there to die. However, it was not yet her time. She struggled to cross the street despite her stab wounds. She reached the front of a bank where an employee of DTI was able to see her. The security guard of the bank helped her. I was told that her woulds were serious that her internals can be seen by your naked eye. She struggled to keep it intact. They said that her blood was nearly drained. Apparently, her genital was inserted with a cola bottle. The girl recounted that she should have died at the vacant lot, but her mother waked her up. Upon reaching the bank, she was also ready to die, but again, her mother waked her up. It wasn't her time to die. My question is, would it have been better if she died? Justice will not be served because of the existing law that exempts criminal liability to persons below 15 years old. The four suspects have been identified: Mike, 16yrs old, Jerry, 11yrs old, John, 12yrs old, and Dennis, 12yrs old. They are now in custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Three of them are below 15 years of age! How can justice be served? If that girl was your sister or your daughter, what would you have done? I really hope that our senators will do something about this. They have too much blood on their hands already, especially the proponent of this law!

You can download a copy of this law at:

Student Researches

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Yesterday we attended the Student Researches presentation at the University of Mindanao main campus at Matina. UM really has such a large campus and I can say that it's also nature friendly. You'll be healthy if you study there--no need to be hard on yourself to exercise, the campus does the job for you. I just hope they don't build too many buildings there.

Four schools were able to send representatives: Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU), University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC),